Sexy Briefs For Men

Sexy Briefs For Men

Try something new with sexy male briefs and underwear. Shop our discounted selection today and find products and prices that you won't find any where else. 

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Passion Mens Violet Slip -10%

Passion Mens Violet Slip

Violet Slip by Passion. Mens slip with cut outs. Elastic waist band and full back...

£18.50 £16.65
Passion Mesh Shorts -10%

Passion Mesh Shorts

Passion shorts, made of see through mesh with a wide elastic waist band...

£18.50 £16.65
Passion Navy And Black Shorts -10%

Passion Navy And Black Shorts

The contrasting colours and materials of these fantastic Navy and Black Shorts, from the beautifully..

£24.00 £21.60
Passion Open Back Body -10%

Passion Open Back Body

Passion body, the body scoops low at the front with a criss cross back and open back...

£32.00 £28.80
Passion Open Back Pouch -10%

Passion Open Back Pouch

Passion wet look and fishnet pouch. Solid waist band with open back...

£22.00 £19.80
Passion Pouch Front Boxers -10%

Passion Pouch Front Boxers

A feast for the eyes, these striking and sexy Pouch Front Boxers, from the deliciously devilish Pass..

£23.00 £20.70
Passion Red And Black Shorts -10%

Passion Red And Black Shorts

Passion mens shorts. The shorts have a red tie at the front which can be tied into a bow to look lik..

£22.00 £19.80
Passion Red Waiter Set -10%

Passion Red Waiter Set

Passion waiter set. Red silky shorts with a white mock bib and bow tie at the front. Also includes a..

£27.50 £24.75
Passion See Through Vest And Shorts -10%

Passion See Through Vest And Shorts

Passion shorts and vest. See through mesh vest with short sleeves and matching shorts...

£35.00 £31.50
Passion Silver Pouch -10%

Passion Silver Pouch

Peacock around any sexy situation with this glorious Silver Pouch, from the enticingly erotic Passio..

£15.50 £13.95
Passion Violet And Black Shorts -10%

Passion Violet And Black Shorts

Offering a breathtaking view at the front, and an even better surprise at the back, these stunning V..

£23.00 £20.70
Passion Wet Look And Mesh Shorts -10%

Passion Wet Look And Mesh Shorts

Wet Look and Mesh Short by Passion. See through mesh short with solid pannel at the front and wide w..

£21.00 £18.90
Passion Wet Look Shorts And Vest -10%

Passion Wet Look Shorts And Vest

Passion wet look shorts with a mesh triangle pannel at the back. Sleeveless mesh vest with wet look ..

£38.50 £34.65
Pig Novelty GString -10%

Pig Novelty GString

Size One Size, Colour Pink Pig, Material 100 percent Polyamide...

£14.50 £13.05
Rouge Garments Jock Black And Blue -10%

Rouge Garments Jock Black And Blue

Sporty leather jocks with a coloured leather stripe and matching coloured striped band...

£36.50 £32.85
Rouge Garments Jock Black And Red -10%

Rouge Garments Jock Black And Red

Sporty leather jocks with a coloured leather stripe and matching coloured striped band...

£36.50 £32.85
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