Cheap Finger Vibrators

These handy little toys are the perfect pocket-sized addition to your collection. Our finger vibrators are small in size but not stimulation, you are sure to get lasting pleasure from these amazing vibrators. Don’t wait any longer, if you’re looking for something a little less subtle, head to our rabbit vibrators section!

We offer cheap finger vibrators, as why should you pay silly money for a bodily sensation? We don’t know either!

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What is a finger vibrator?

These handy little work-horses are as versatile as they are small. They can be used not only for clitoral pleasure but for nipple play too. As many people’s (both men and women) favourite way to get the good vibes going during foreplay as they work towards the main event, the vibrations created through these mini vibes on your finger tips are add-ons that can not be forgotten once they have been used once.

How do I use a finger vibrator?

Like thousands of the toys that we sell online, the clue really is in the name. Finger vibrators are a textured, ribbed, ridged extension to your finger that gives you all the power of a great vibe right at the tip of your hand. The toy should be a snug fit on the end of your finger and, whilst not being too tight, should be tight enough that it doesn’t fall off doing those all important moments. Once on and comfortable, you can used your new playmate as you see fit. With this sex toy, we recommend that you explore different ways in which it can make you feel great, and find the best fit for you.