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Whether for solo-play or enhancing those special moments with others, our huge selection tick all of the boxes. From cheap vibrators to premium ranges and the best vibrator in UK, there’s something for everyone. Take a look through our favourites and prepare yourself for some almighty orgasms!

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What is a vibrator?

As the cliche goes, the clue is in the name. A vibrator is an adult toy that does exactly what the name would suggest. It vibrates. These toys are often famed for being the best clitoris stimulators (and penis!). They are also often used to penetrate both vaginally and anally for a double orgasm!

A large proportion of women have expressed that using vibrators has proved to be the best and easiest way for them to climax. It comes as no surprise then that this type of sex toy (the vibrator) has remained one of the most popular on the market for so many years.

Many other toys like butt plugs and cock rings serve one purpose, but the vibrator on the other hand can be used in many different ways; during foreplay, intercourse or masturbation to enhance your sexual experiences and climaxes.

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How to use a vibrator

First of all, apply and use lube. This goes without saying for many of our adult toys but it is essential for your vibrators. Whether you are enjoying solo play, intercourse, foreplay or post-oral-sex with a partner, your time will be much more enjoyable with the aid of lubrication to stay juicy!

Using your new toy on the clitoris and labia is the standard way to use a vibrator. You should work around the area until you find the best feeling in the best place – once you do – don’t stop!

As we previously mentioned, the joy of our huge selection of UK vibrators means that you can use them wherever! So don’t be shy. Be experimental with your new playmate and make the most of what it has to offer.

If you’re still looking for help, head over to our advice and guides page to find all the help you’ll ever need!

What types of vibrators do you sell?

We are proud to boast of one of the largest selections of vibrators in the UK for you to choose from!

First of all, the renowned rabbit vibrator. This toy has become one of the most loved for its pleasure powers of clitoris stimulation whilst offering penetration at the same time! An a definite must for anyone with a vulva. With brands such as the Jessica rabbit vibrator, Lelo and Ova. Secondly, our favourite pocket rocket – the bullet. This tiny vibrator packs a huge punch and is mainly used to for non-penetrative pleasure. With different speed and rhythm settings joint with amazing accuracy, you can propel yourself to new heights with this handy little friend! Personal massagers and smile makers are a necessary to the foundation of any woman’s collection, start yours now!

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How to clean a vibrator

Vibrators, like all sex toys, need to be kept as clean as possible. Keeping your personal hygiene in check is rule number one of any sexual activity, regardless of the use of sex toys.

The addition of a toy makes it all the more important to keep things in good condition. We offer a variety of different cleaning products for vibrators, wireless vibrators, large and powerful! Not to mention anal beads and anything else that you may find in your shopping cart. Be sure to check them out before using any of your items.

If you’re not sure, head to our Advice & Guides page to find out the best ways to keep your toys squeaky clean and safe for fun!