Cheap Vibrating Eggs

Vibrating eggs are a lesser known product but still provide unbeatable stimulation for vaginal, clitoral and anal play. Get yours today and benefit from our amazing discounts and offers, why not check out our essential vibrators too?

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What is a vibrating egg?

Cheap vibrating eggs are some of the smaller and more discreet sex toys that we offer. In size and appearance, they are quite similar to the bullet vibes that you can also find on our site.

Though not usually the first choice for many toy boxes, they can become one of your favourites once you have experienced what they have to offer.

How do you use vibrating eggs?

The great thing about a vibrating egg is that they are quite versatile. Naturally you would probably be more likely to use them externally for clitoral stimulation.

This will give you similar stimulation to that that you would get from bullet vibrators, they are actually quite similar in size. Another use for these toys though are for penetration, to add a different feeling to your foreplay before intercourse.

For obvious reasons, it is important that you remove the love egg before engagement in any kind of penetrative sex, or using another penetrative toy.

What are love eggs?

A love egg is just another name for a vibrating egg. Due to their clitoral stimulating pleasures that can be compared to the results you get from a wand vibrator, you are more that likely to ‘love’ this toy.

Both names aptly describe the toy in both their appearance or relationship with it. Companies will choose which title they will prefer to go for on their websites so don’t be confused, you’ll still be shopping for your favourite vibrating eggs.