Cheap Male Masturbators

We want to give you the maximum amount of pleasure possible during masturbation. That’s why we offer you a huge selection of the best male masturbators to give you to the greatest orgasms you could experience. With big brands such as fuck me silly masturbator and tanga masturbator, all at small prices.

Along with our vibrating cock rings, the masturbators are some of the most popular male products that we sell. We want to make sure that we have a whole range available, from an automatic masturbator to handheld and self-controlled.

A male masturbator is a great way to enhance your solo time and further get to explore your sexuality to see what works for you and what doesn’t!

Go shop through ours today and welcome yourself to the world of sensation!

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What is a male masturbator?

In our range you will find a whole host of different types of masturbator. You will find some styles that are more simplistic – rubber/latex with an open ended tube, however even the more simpler styles are still able to create immense sensations and put pressure around the penis and the tip. Other types will replicate the great feeling that you get from intercourse or oral.

Simulating mouths, vaginas and even breasts, our mens masturbators are sure to give you pleasure as if it was the real thing. Cheap male masturbators are our forte, trust us on this one!

More common names that you may have come across could be the pocket pussy or cock sleeve. The fleshlight has become somewhat of an unsaid household name over the years and is recognisable to thousands of men and women. That’s what’s missing in your life… a penis masturbator!

How to use masturbators for men

Using mens masturbators couldn’t be easier. We would highly recommend using lubrication or oil when using your masturbator to ensure maximum comfort! For many of the toys in this selection, you use the same motion as standard masturbation. Though some have vibrating properties which are a great bonus!

Generally speaking, most of these products are pretty simple to get a hold of and then they joys of your sexual pleasure excite you!

Once you have climaxed, it is of the upmost importance that you properly clean your toys. Rinse out the inside and clean with hot soapy water. This is at a minimum what you should be doing both before and after usage. We would also recommend that you use a product from our lubricants and oils section when using your masturbator.

What are the best male masturbators UK?

Once you become more well-versed in this industry, you will start to find out which product suits your more than others.

We can’t tell you exactly what will be the best type of toys for you. But, we can certainly try. Here are a few of the very best male masturbators that we have on offer for you today:

  • Best StarterApollo Premium Dual Stroker Masturbator £17.99 – this reverse masturbator is a great toy for those that are starting their journey into sex toys. With differing textures, you can have a completely different experience with the toy being inside-out.
  • Best PremiumTenga Flex Rocky Black Masturbator £41.99 – Tenga are somewhat of an industry leader in the designing and manufacture of male masturbators. The flexible tunnel within hosts a selection of different textures and tightness. Soft to touch, the level of stimulation can be controlled by the user and their grip.
  • Best Realistic ReplicaPipedream Extreme Mega Grip Squeezable £59.39 – Pipedream, another expert in the field show their expertise through this toy. Created to replicate the perfect feeling you get from actual intercourse. This toy is one of the best we can offer, and still doesn’t break the bank.

If you’re still unsure, another favourite of ours has to be the Tenga flip hole masturbator – no doubt about it.

We stock hundreds of different cheap male masturbator for you to chose from. Whatever your budget is, we are sure that there is something for every penis owner!