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Discover a new kind of pleasure with our range of the best male sex toys. The ever growing selection is becoming more and more accessible to men in a once women orientated industry. From cock rings to masturbators and vibrators. Find sex toys for men of all kinds and make great savings whilst you do.

We’re determined to knock down taboos of sex toys and sexualities, help us and spread the word.

With hundreds of shapes and styles, our cheap mens sex toys are sure to feed your appetite. With the most luxurious to the cheapest male sex toys, shop til your hearts content and understand the world of male pleasure!

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What are the best male sex toys?

It is very much a case of each to their own when it comes to male sex toys. It would be very difficult for us to give a definitive answer to fill everybody’s requirements. That being said, it is no surprise that certain kinds of sex toys for men have remained so popular of the years. Some can be used during intercourse so the main user of the products isn’t the only one feeling the benefits. Some of the best sex toys for men are:

  • Cock Rings – Undoubtably the most popular product in the male industry. The cock ring reigns supreme due to its discretion and size. That being said, the reason people come back for more is due to its power in empowering and extending your foreplay, intercourse and orgasms.
  • Male Masturbators – Another favourite among our male shoppers. Masturbators are specifically designed to mimic the great feelings that you get from intercourse or oral  sex. With many popular brands in our collection, you can browse through some of the greatest products to ever be created. Prostate massagers are often bought with our masturbators!
  • Penis Enlargers – This type of product is for use on men, but is designed to pleasure both parties during intercourse. Giving extra length and girth to the penis, you are able to give and receive a different type of feeling that you wouldn’t be able to do without an enlarger.

There are other toys for men, such as mens vibrators, vibrating vaginas, butt plugs, dildos, flashlights, sleeves and developers. The list goes on!

How much are sex toys for men?

Much like the answer above, we can’t give an exact answer. What we can say though it that what ever your budget is, we have something in stock for you. With male sex toys being offered for as low as £2.99, we can provide a product that is kind to anybody’s wallet.

Cheap male sex toys are our forte, however don’t let the low prices fool you… we ensure that all of our products are of top quality meaning we only sell the best sex toys for men! We want you to realise that great sex shouldn’t be expensive, so shop for the cheapest male sex toy whilst saving those pennies.

Can I buy mens sex toys now?

Of course. Our stock is constantly being monitored and updated meaning that all of the mens sex toys that you see now are available for purchase right away.

As with any of the items that we sell, we understand that you may want to keep this kind of purchase quiet. This is why all of our orders, be it butt plugs or prostate stimulators, are dispatched in discreet packaging!

How to make sex toys for men

Naturally, this is something that we recommend that you do not do. There are countless guides online that give you ideas on way to make homemade sex toys. This is exactly why we are here, to make sure you are getting the most from your toys.

With the selection you find above, you can be sure that we have the very best the you can create or buy. Stick with the experts, the last thing you want is any physical damage! We’ve got plenty of cheap sex toys men, which may be a better alternative to making your own!