Cheap Anal Prostate Massagers For Men

An extremely popular male sex toy for all of the right reasons. Find an extra sense of pleasure during sex or solo play when you use a toy from our prostate massager collection!

Have a look through our cheap prostate massagers and find the style you’re looking for. Enhance your anal erogenous zones and let loose!

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What is a prostate massager?

Over the past decade, the annual sales figures of prostate massagers and more than doubled. Men far and wide are seeing the benefits of the handy product and are deciding that they want to get in on the action too.

For many years considered to be a toy solely for homosexual males, straight men have driven the market to an all time high and they realise their FOMO and buy their very own prostate massager.

So what is it? These toys have been laboriously designed and manufactured to give men the capability of stroke the prostate gland than sites in-between the penis and the bladder. Not only can this give great pleasure once perfected, it also have many health benefit and can increase seminal production.

How to use a prostate massager

You can stimulate the prostate by working on the perineum, this is the area between the anus and the penis. Though, this has been said to not have the same strong impulse as the penetrative and internal massaging has.

To use your toys, we recommend that you are at least semi-erect and are on your way up the arousal scale. Once you are ready, apply lube to your toy, or the anus directly as you prepare to insert your toy.

Use your finger to locate your prostate so you have a good idea of how to angle your toy for the most indulgent results. Insert your toys as you continue your masturbation, this will multiple your enjoyment and create a bigger orgasm to finish, and who doesn’t want that?

How do I clean a prostate massager

Like most of our toys, hot soapy water with suffice for much of the cleaning needs that you toy should require. Obviously, as this is an anal sex toy it is potentially higher importance that you keep on top of a proper cleaning routine.

Both before and after use you should look to make sure your toy is as good as new and ready for the next use.

You can also look into our personal hygiene section, where you will find the best sex toy cleaning products.