Cheap Love Anal Beads

If you’re looking for a toy to ease you into finding the never before found sweet top, anal beads could be the perfect toy for you.

Perfect when used with our anal lube, be sure to keep on top of your personal hygiene with our sex toy cleaning products so you can use your toys again and again.

From large anal beads, small and textured, we stock a whole range of different styles for you. Making sure you’re comfortable is definitely a necessity! With our luxury and cheap anal beads.

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What Are Anal Beads?

This sex toy is comprised of multiple spheres or balls that are attached together to form a lace type product. The great thing about them is that they can be used to stimulate anyone who wishes to feel their powers.

Made from varying materials, from glass to silicone, you can find different kinds of sensation from the differing material types.

The all important spheres can be connected using a type of string or moulded into a single item and will have a larger stopper on one end. This is to prevent the whole toy from being inserted.

What Are They Used For?

Often, the beads running down the length of the toy differ in size this is to create alternating feeling as the toy works its way in (and out) of the anus.

The pleasure comes from the balls passing through and back between the sphincter muscles in the anal cavity. So, you may not take the same great pleasure if you were to insert the toy and leave it in place during other activities.

How Do I Use Them?

First of all, as is the case with most toys that are created for any kind of insertion, we recommend that you use some form of proper lubrication before continuing.

This usually not only makes it easier to begin using the toy, but also increases sensitivity and feeling throughout usage and during your play time. Anal play can be difficult for some at first so we would definitely advise to start with a smaller version of the toy.

Anal beads can provide amazing access into the world of anal play and intercourse by easing you in to the feelings that will gradually increase as the toys that you use increase in size, change in shape and differ in material.

How To Clean Anal Beads

At a bare minimum, you should be cleaning all of your toys in hot and soapy water both before and after usage. If you would like to truly ensure that you are keeping your toy’s cleanliness to the optimum level, then you can find those on our site.

Our personal hygiene section has all of the tools that you could want and need.