Best Lube For Anal

Remove any unwanted discomfort and ease your way in to a whole new sex adventure with our anal lube. With popular brands such as AnalEaze and ID among our range, we have everything you could ever need.

If you are intended to use our prostate massagers or vibrators for anal stimulation, our anal lubricants should be in the basket with them!

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What is the best anal lubricant?

As we have just mentioned, as the vagina naturally lubricates as you prepare for action, the anus doesn’t. This means that you need an aid to ensure there is no pain or discomfort as you try to enjoy your new found favourite pastime.

Generally anal lubes a separated into oil-based, water-based and silicone, all of which are the main ingredient of the lubricant in question. All of these try to ensure a lasting and moisturised experience for you. To say which is best would depend completely on the user, you.

Like many of our sex toys, which is the best anal lube is subject to the person that is using it. Though some last a little longer than other, the general feeling that they give can differ and individuals take a liking to some over other.

You should try out at least 2-3 before deciding which is best for you.

How do you use anal lubes?

Anal lube is only required when you intend to get down to business in the anus area.

Before hand, you can enjoy your foreplay and getting yourself and your partner(s) ready for what you all have been looking forward too.

When you are intending to penetrate the anus, whether with your penis, finger or a sex toys of your choice, you should use your anal lube to lubricate the anus and what ever you may be using to penetrate.

Then ensure that everything is fully covered before inserting, and use more/reapply whenever you feel necessary. In this case, we would usually say more is more, and don’t be shy to use plenty!

What can I use as cheap anal lube?

Though there may well be some other product that could be used as lubricants for this particular scenario, we always recommend that you leave it to the expert.

This selection of sex aids has been manufactured exactly for this purpose, so why stray for what they know? They have been tried and tested over many months and years before being put into production. Because of this, we think you should always opted for purpose-made anal lube.