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With super silk lube and other big names available, our lubricants are top quality.

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What is lube?

Lube is a product that has been created to improve sexual experiences through comfort and pleasure. The moisturising or gliding feel adds a smoother and more natural feeling to all kinds of sexual happenings, whether you’re solo or with a partner (or two).

There are different kinds of lube, all of which give different feels and have different uses. We offer lubes that are mainly made from water, silicone and oil. Water-based lubes are the most popular due to their versatility, you can happily used these for the full spectrum of sex and sex toy usage.

One of our favourite’s is the super silk lubricant, as it is great for all uses!

Silicone based lubricants tend to last longer than others, and can increase sensitivity unlike many other lubricants that we offer. We would recommend this type of product if you’re looking for an anal lube product.

Oils are great as they can double up as a massage aid and give you a different way to warm up to the big finale. Big brands such as super slik lube offer multiple alternatives for you to enjoy.

How to use personal lubricant

As we mentioned above, different kinds of lube offer different uses and will amount to different fantasies.

For the most part, how you use them is quite obvious, whether you apply it to your hands as you get into the mood or directly to the penis, vagina or anus you will get the same great feeling.

It is important to keep topping up as you use so things don’t dry out and start to cause anybody involved any discomfort.

What can I use as lube?

As your’e browse the internet, it will not take you long to find suggestions of alternative lubes. Often household product will be said to double up as a secondary lubricant when you have run out of the good stuff.

Obviously, we would always recommend that you buy the real deal from us. Not because we are selling it to you, but because these products have been tried, testing, developed and tried again in order to create the perfect aid to your sexual needs.