How To Clean Your Sex Toys

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So, you’ve been convinced. You’ve heard our calls to ignore the stigma that surrounds sex toys and you’ve taken the leap of faith into in new world of pleasure. We trust that you have not been disappointed thus far.

A point to remember though, is that it’s not ALL fun and games (although, it mostly is). You have to remember that there are some seriously relevant precautions you must take when using and taking care of you toys then ensure you keep your body safe and your toys in a condition to be used time and time again.

It isn’t something that you really consider when your first make a purchase, how to clean your sex toys, but in the end it is a super simple task that can save you a whole world of issues.

Before we go into details, in the simplest terms, you should realistically clean your sex toys before and after every use. Before maybe a difficult one if you’re in that kind of mood, but ensuring it is super clean afterwards is a must.

What is your toy made from? 

As Women’s Health promote, it is essential to consider is what you toy is

actually made from. This can dictate what you should use in order to give it the most thorough clean possible. With our products, you can see whatmaterial a product is made from on its page on our website, a lot of them a lot have helpful cleaning instruction to save you some research.

The material could either be porous or nonporous. If it is porous, much like our skin, it has tiny holes in it that can hold bacteria or other potentially harmful organisms that, in simple terms, you do not want to be there. Your toy is likely to be porous if it is made from rubber or latex for example. These would require a deeper clean.

Stainless steel or glass products are nonporous, so although you should still give them a thorough clean, they won’t harbour the badness in the same way as your rubber rampant rabbit.

REGARDLESS, you should always clean and dry your toys, just be aware that some require a little more attention than others.

What should I use to clean my sex toys?

Again this would depend on what your toy is made from, but if you can’t get your hands on any specialist products, then we suggest using hot water and fragrance-free soap. Be careful not too overwork the soap as with a lot of modern sex toys, the material can be quite sensitive and be prone to damage if worked too hard.

We offer a great selection of sex toy cleaning sprays if you require something a little more specialised that you can trust will do the job properly. And don’t worry, they are not overly expensive, so you can shop to your hearts content. have provided details on the best way to clean certain materials, find them below:

Is your toy made of elastomer or latex? These porous materials are more sensitive to temperature than nonporous toys, meaning they might get warped if they’re exposed to too much heat. If your toy vibrates, wipe it down with a warm, damp, soapy washcloth. If it doesn’t vibrate (or vibrates but is waterproof), run the toy under warm water and clean it with a soapy washcloth.

Is your elastomer toy specifically made of a skin-like blend? Do the same thing you’d do for the toys listed above, but don’t expose it to too much soap. This can damage the material, leaving it without the nice skin-like texture it’s known for.

Is your toy made of ABS plastic? Just like an elastomer or latex toy, you can wipe it down with a damp cloth and mild soap if it vibrates, or wash it with water and mild soap if it doesn’t. (Or if it vibrates but happens to be waterproof.)

Is your toy made of soda-lime glass? This kind of glass can be sensitive to temperature (which is part of why it can be so much fun during sexual play). Wash a soda-lime glass toy the same way you’d wash a latex or elastomer toy.

Is your toy made of borosilicate glass, silicone, or a metal? You can clean these toys using mild soap and warm water, or a damp, soapy washcloth, much like the toys above.”

Don’t submerge your motorised toys in water!

This one is pretty obvious, but you need to make sure that you never fully submerge your motorised toys in water. This can easily damage to motor inside and all but end your toys pleasure time, and no-one wants that!

Where should I keep my sex toys?

We don’t expect everyone to have a sex toy container, or a chest in some cases, but you should really have somewhere clean and dry to store your toys. You don’t want to keep them with any of your other products, just incase you forgot to clean it or any of your other belongings for that matter.

All of these tips are small changes in your daily routine that can have a genuine positive effect on your sexual health, so don’t cut any corners! Remeber too that not all of this information is created purely for our female buyers, it's important that men's sex toys are treated in the exact same clinically clean way at all costs.