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Spencer and Fleetwood

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After Dinner Nipples -8%

After Dinner Nipples

8 Plain Choclate Nipples filled with mint fondant. After dinner will never be the same again with th..

£6.50 £6.00
After Dinner Willies -8%

After Dinner Willies

The timeless chocolate have had a make over with these 8 plain chocolate willies filled with mint fo..

£6.50 £6.00
Bodylicious Erotic Edible Body Paints -7%

Bodylicious Erotic Edible Body Paints

Put your message across in the bedroom with our Bodylicious Body Pens. Draw or write on your partner..

£7.50 £7.00
Boobie Frisbee Flyer -8%

Boobie Frisbee Flyer

Boobie Flyer  A perfect pair for the air!Tested and approved for fun...

£6.50 £6.00
Boobie Squirt Gun -7%

Boobie Squirt Gun

Boobie water pistol that fires from both nipples, can be used for drink or water.Tested and approved..

£7.50 £7.00
Candy Blow Job Practice Willie -8%

Candy Blow Job Practice Willie

This delicious strawberry flavoured, large willie shaped candy is perfect for practising tonsil ting..

£6.50 £6.00
Candy Bra -8%

Candy Bra

Sweet and amp Sexy..

£6.50 £6.00
Candy G String -8%

Candy G String

With around 330 fruit flavoured candy pieces, this sweet and sexy g string is the perfect after dinn..

£6.50 £6.00
Candy Handcuffs -11%

Candy Handcuffs

Sweet and Sexy Candy CuffsSweet and Sexy that's our award-winning range of Candy Underwear. They are..

£4.50 £4.00
Candy Love Ring -14%

Candy Love Ring

Sex up the bedroom with a delicious naughty treat. A set of three love candy love rings...

£3.50 £3.00
Candy Nipple Tassels -11%

Candy Nipple Tassels

2 nipple tassels made of candy and have special adhesive stickers to apply to the body..

£4.50 £4.00
Duck With A Dick -11%

Duck With A Dick

Enhance someones bathing experience with this adorable rubber duck with a twist or rather a DickMeet..

£4.50 £4.00
Edible Body Paints -9%

Edible Body Paints

Four delicious fruit flavoured body paintsContents, 4 Fruit flavoured edible paints, stencil and pai..

£5.50 £5.00
Emergency Vibrator -11%

Emergency Vibrator

In case of an emergency break out the vibrator. 5.25 inches of procedure when you and rsquore seekin..

£9.00 £8.00
Fruit Flavoured Jelly Boobs -11%