What To Do After Sex?

by Alicia | 13 October 2021

Unfortunately, as most of you will probably know, the aftermath of a hot and sweaty sex session does not end like it does in the movies. Sadly, we don’t collapse into each other’s arms, light a cigarette with the music playing and fall asleep within 5 minutes flat. Instead it’s a flurry of tissues, waddling to the loo and remaking the bed! 

Infact, a lot of people try to act out their movie scenes, however you really shouldn’t. A whole host of problems can arise within your body, regardless of how much protection you have used! It’s really important to know what to do after sex and to also put it into practise whenever you can. Don’t worry if you’re not actually too sure of what to do, we’ve got you covered!


Step 1 – Have a wee!

A super simple step but a really important one too. After a passionate rumble, going for a wee is SO necessary as your urethra (for both male and female) is a large hotspot for issues such as cystitis and UTIs. With it being surrounded by the genitalia that is played with and used, all sorts of bacteria can be transferred into there. Having a wee helps to flush out all of those unwanted bacteria. For women, it’s really crucial to wipe from front to back – as doing it the other way around could bring bacteria from the anus forwards to the vaginal entrances – something we really don’t want!


Step 2 – Wash wash wash!

Okay, so you don’t have to jump in the shower and scrub your body down the moment you finish, but you really should give yourself a wash down. We would recommend going for plain water and a soft cloth, however you can use very mild soaps if you feel comfortable doing so! Softly wipe your genitals – without going inside – and make sure to get in all the crevices. For men that means pulling the foreskin back gently and washing in there! This will further help to prevent UTIs or yeast infections by eliminating unwanted bacteria.

Hands on knickers

Step 3 – Don’t douche!

A lot of women and men feel the need to anally or vaginally douche after sex – as it gives them the feeling of being clean inside and out. We can’t stress this enough. Don’t do it! You could be transferring all sorts of bacteria back into the body and even pushing it further than it was before. Feel free to douche a while after, but definitely leave it some time after you’ve showered etc to wait!


Step 4 – Glug glug glug.

Make sure that you drink a glass of water after sex. Not only is it just a necessary activity to do throughout the day, but there’s a few more reasons why you should! Firstly, sex is a form of exercise where your body has exerted energy and water (yes in the form of sweat usually!), and so it really is a good idea to replenish your body’s water supply and keep you hydrated. Secondly, having a good big glass of water is a great way to flush out any unwanted bacteria in the body. It’s not a remedy or a cure for bacteria, but it definitely can help!


Step 5 – Wear loose clothing.

Okay who are we to tell you what to wear and what not to wear? You’ve got a point, but we are simply here to advise you! Wearing tight clothing after a rumble in the sheets, can leave your intimate areas hot and sweaty, and what thrives off hot moist areas? Bacteria and yeast! We’re going back to high-school biology here… It’s best to stay in loose and free-fitting clothing so that your areas have a chance to breathe and avoid hot sweat. Even better, why not sleep naked!


Step 6 – Clean your toys!

You might be tired of us banging on about this now. It is 100% essential that you wash your toys thoroughly after each and every use. They are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria to multiply. This means when you come to use them again, imagine the grossness…. Keep them clean with soap and warm water and store them somewhere safe and germ-free as it were. (We don’t mean a doctor’s surgery, but definitely not next to the loo on their own!). Take a look through our blog on how to clean your sex toys for more information and key points.

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Step 7 – Doctors and testing.

This step is for anyone who notices anything unusual after sex. Whether it’s pain when passing urine, a constant urge to wee, burning sensations or anything at all. Take a trip to your doctor and maybe even get tested for any STIs. After all, it is better to be safe than sorry.

So, make sure that you are keeping yourself safe with sex. Enjoy yourself and look after yourself. Your body will tell you when something’s wrong! However, it’s best to nip it in the bud and take all precautions beforehand!