The Sex Toy Travel Guide

by Alicia | 2 August 2021

How to safely transport sex toys

Jetting off abroad couldn’t be anticipated much more than now, especially with the dreary English ‘summer’ weather! With Covid restrictions easing, more jabs in use and travel corridors opening, the hope of getting away this year is bigger than ever.

What’s better than getting that dose of sun, sea and sex? Sun, sea and sex with your finest collection of sex toys! We’re guessing you’ve heard the horror stories of buzzing vibrators and security mishaps with dildos, but that doesn’t have to be the case! We’ve put together the perfect sex toy travel guide so that you can sit back, relax and prepare yourself for some almighty orgasms.

Sex toy in bed

So, where do you start?

Hand Luggage or Check In?

It’s a pretty good question, as do you keep them in your handbag or pop them in the suitcase? There’s obviously pro’s and con’s to each, with the handbag meaning you can quickly turn any rogue buzzing off, and have the toys handy for use at any time. Whether you’re joining the mile high club or raring to go the moment you get into the hotel! For the suitcase of course it means that any buzzing is hidden – whilst you’re on the plane – and there’s no chance of security opening up and finding the goodies!

We would suggest however that you put any toys such as paddles and BDSM in the suitcase as otherwise they could be mistaken for something that isn’t allowed on the plane. Apart from that, it’s up to you as to where you pop your toys.

If you’re still not sure, head over to the Government website to find out more.


Shall I wrap them up?

Again, it’s completely up to you but we’d suggest one of two options to ensure that you’ll be able to have a happy ride without blushing. 

Clear plastic bag – If you’re pretty cool about using sex toys and don’t mind people knowing, then we would say to go for a clear plastic bag. This would mean that the toys can be easily identifiable if security were to open your bag – and being easily identifiable they can then just move along and ignore!

Toiletries / make up bag – If you shy away from the thought of having your toys on display, then it might be a good idea to opt for a non-see through bag! Keeping them safe but avoiding everyone knowing what they are.

Sex toy pouch – If you’ve got quite a few, we would suggest actually purchasing a sex toy pouch to store them in, as you can then use this both during travel and general storage at home!



What should I do with batteries?

Batteries – As a general rule of thumb, we would suggest that you remove all batteries from your toys before taking them travelling with you. Even though you might not mind if they buzz (although most probably will!), the last thing you want is to arrive and find out that the batteries have died! Simply remove them and place them in a secure bag ready to pop back in afterwards!

Cords and chargers – Remember to pack all of your chargers with you – you don’t want to go through all of the effort of bringing toys to find that you’ve forgotten your chargers and can’t use them! Wrap the wires up neatly and place them in a secure bag to be able to easily pull them out and use them. It is also pretty important to remember that plugs are different in different countries, so check what plug you will need and make sure that you have plenty available!

Buzzing –  Turn your toys off! Do a double, triple check and make sure that they are OFF. Obviously in the most unfortunate situation, the toy will turn on and buzz away, however that’s out of your control if it does! So just ensure that before you say goodbye to them, they’re off!



What about lube?

Lube is essentially a liquid. This therefore means that it is best to follow all flight guidelines and place the lube packet / tube in a clear plastic bag along with your other liquids. Make sure that it doesn’t exceed the amount limits and is securely sealed. If you’re still dubious or are worried about leakage, then remember you can always purchase lubricant abroad – although it may be easier to just take your own and sellotape it up!


Check national laws

You may think that it’s just a given, and sex toys are widely available wherever you go. This however is an uninformed rumour – there are strict laws in some countries against sex toys and pornography. Do your homework and find out if there are any restrictions regarding your toys in the country which you are going to. The last thing you want is to have your toys taken off you or even worse get into some trouble. If you have any doubts after checking all the laws, we would suggest that maybe just leave the toys at home – better to be safe than sorry!


So, what toys are travel friendly?

We’ve put together our favourite travel-friendly toys below – or just head to our site to find some more! 

Purple Vibrator Je Joue

Je Joue Classic Bullet Vibrator 

Silk blue touch vibrator

Cuties Silk Touch Rechargeable Mini Vibrator

Satisfyer cock ring

Satisfyer Ring 2 Power Cock Ring

Bswish Butt plug

Bswish Bfilled Classic Remote Control Butt Plug

Satisfyer mini vibrator

Satisfyer Chrome Mini Sparkling Darling Vibrator

Gripper travel masturbator

Travel Gripper Pussy + Ass Masturbator