Temperature Play

Everything you'll ever need to know about temperature play!

by Alicia | 1 July 2021

What Is Temperature Play?

Temperature Play is all about heightening the body’s senses through extreme head changes – both hot and cold. Temperature play is actually a kink believe it or not, and although it comes under the kink title, it is for everyone. Whether you’re into ‘vanilla’ sex or full BDSM. Sometimes temperature play has been known to be paired up with blindfolding and spanking – some other great ways to involve the senses into your steamy sessions!

The idea behind temperature play is that the unexpected change of temperature on one part of the skin will send the senses wild! As the sensory neurons on the skin react to the sudden change in temperature, the messages are sent all around the body and when in the mood and in the right setting, these messages turn into arousal. The most common practices of temperature play include the use of ice cubes and wax, but the list is endless of what can be used.

Ice cream!


The great thing about temperature play is that there really are no limits. Regardless of whether you’re doing it on your own, with your significant other or in a group. Who cares! Temperature play really is limitless however, from what you use, who you use it on and where you use it! 


If you’re a bit nervous to start with, there’s no rush. You don’t have to go hell for leather at first. You can of course take it easy and ease into some little things before you go full whack! If you’re nervous about doing things to your significant other, take it easy. Ask them if they’d like it, how they would want it and maybe try it on yourself first to ensure that you’re comfortable with it. Before you start anything, it’s crucial to remember that whatever setting you’re in and whatever the mood is, consent is key. 

Consent is especially when kinks are involved, as things like heat play can obviously be pretty dangerous. A good practice to have is to have a safe word with your partner. Make sure that it’s something which is very unlikely to be said in sex – for instance some popular ones are ‘pineapple’, ‘spongebob’, ‘sea urchin’ – you get the jist. 


Similar to safe words, it’s important that you are careful with temperature play. As unsurprisingly, accidents can happen. With heat and freeze burns, you need to be vigilant and prepared in case anything goes wrong!

Below we’ve put together some of our favourite temperature plays for you to try. Remember, all of these are just suggestions. There’s lots more that you can do with all of these, and other instruments!


Here are some great ideas for cold play! :

Cold Water – Have a big slurp of cold water, make sure that your mouth is cold! Then kiss, suck and lick your partner on all of the erogenous zones. Lips, ears, neck, nipples and work your way down! It’s definitely a winner when your mouth is freezing. 

Ice Cube – Pop a few ice cubes in your mouth, or hold them and slowly let them melt on yours or your partner’s body, on an erogenous zone or the stomach or thigh. Let the water dribble whilst you / they squirm! Use the remaining ice cubes to heighten the sensations and try them somewhere else on the body. If you’re in a hotel, it’s a great idea to ask them to put a bucket of ice in the room. They’ll suspect that this is for the prosecco you’ve got, little do they know.

Funky ice cubes


Ice Cream – If you’ve ever watched Fifty Shades of Grey, you know where we are going with this. In the 3rd movie, we watch Dakota Johnson drop some drips of ice cream down the chest of “Christian Grey”. The erotic scene definitely ecouraged us to get kinky with the frozen goodness. Get your favourite flavour, put it somewhere on the body – we would definitely recommend the genitals – and get eating. It’s a great way to turn your partner on, turn yourself on and also eat some ice cream!


Glass / Metal Sex Toy – Pop your favourite glass or metal toy under some cold water, or keep it in the fridge for a while. Once it’s nice and cold, get to work! This method of both using temperature play with your favourite toy can really heighten those moments. Again you can perform this solo or with a partner, however the fun you can have is endless. Play around with the toy and see what works best for you!


Frozen Towel – This is definitely one of the less common forms of temperature play, but let’s just say that you’re missing out if you don’t! Grab a towel and throw it in the fridge or freezer for a while. Lay it on yourself or on your partner, whilst performing some foreplay on them – it will totally drive them wild!


Tingle Lubricant – Shop through our great range of different lubricants that provide some sensations. Especially the cooling and tingle lubricants, they’re sure to add that extra bit of fun to your sex!

Durex tingling lube

Here are some further great ideas for heat play! :

Hot Tea –  Have a big slurp of some sort of hot drink – we said tea as it doesn’t overly taste or smell. Make sure that your mouth is hot / warm and then kiss, suck and lick your partner on all of the erogenous zones. Lips, ears, neck, nipples and work your way down! The warmth will send their nerve endings in a frenzy.


Heated Sex Toy – Take your favourite sex toys, whether they’re glass or not. (Just make sure to check that the material of the toy can be heated!), and put the toy into some warm water. Similar to the cold, but the change in temperature from normal to hot will be a sensation and a half. You can use this on yourself as well as your partner. So you can have some temperature fun on your own too!


Candle Wax – With this one, it is crucial to note that you can only use candles which are body safe and okay to use on the skin. Your ordinary candles and wax usually are not compatible with your skin. They can be really dangerous, so play it safe and get yourself some body candles. Heat them up and let the wax drip onto your body or your significant others and watch the magic take place.


Melted Foods – ie chocolate – Similar to the candle idea, however use your favourite treats. Melt some chocolate and drip it on, with the excitement of licking and eating it back up! You’ll need a sweet tooth for this one. Such a sensual feeling, make sure that there’s a shower nearby!

Melted Chocolate



We would highly encourage you to feel the excitement, pleasure and sheer enjoyment from temperature play. Whether you take it easy and start with something easy such as a gulp of water, or you go for something a little more extreme such as the heated toys. Get down to it and enjoy yourself, however do remember again that consent is key!