Sex Toys and Pregnancy – What Should You Know?

by Aldan | 19 March 2021

It comes as no surprise that those who enjoy the fine pleasures of some of the products that we sell, want to continue enjoying such feelings during the course of pregnancy. And why wouldn’t they? Nine months long pleasureless months sounds like quite the drag. (Ignoring the fact something magical is going to come on the final day). Though many women ask the question, we have never really answered it in a clear fashion. This article is going to lay out exactly what you should know about using sex toys during pregnancy.

We’d also like to make it clear, these tips and advice are relatively well founded and we wouldn’t state anything that wasn’t true. But, if you are unsure about anything regarding this subject be in pain or hygiene, we urge you to speak to your doctor.

Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy?

An age-old argument that is a constant feud between many men and their growing baby. Many couples have disagreed on whether or not they should be having sex during pregnancy. We can whole-heartedly say though that there is nothing to worried about when having penetrative sex during pregnancy. Thankfully, the cervix provides some serious protection. It prevents anything from thrusting into dangerous and harmful parts of the female body.

Whether you would actually like to have sex or not though, is another matter. The female anatomy will be going through so many processes and juggling so many hormones. Therefore, their sex drive could either rise or plummit at maximum velocity. This means that you could either want to continue having sex, potentially more than ever, or not at all.

Are sex toys safe during pregnancy?

Falling under many of the same brackets as the previous question, sex toys for the most part are perfectly fine for use during pregnancy. Anything penetrative for all the same reasons as everyday intercourse should be fine to use, if nothing else with slightly caution. Any toy that was made with a male partner in mind like cock rings etc. are perfectly fine to use too, due to their non-penetrative nature.

Any of your favourite are more than likely to be perfectly fine to use during those 9 months. If you’re feeling up to it, you can happily use all of the vibrators, wands and butt plugs you’d like.

Is there anything that I shouldn’t really use?

For obvious reasons, anything that involves electric stimulation we regard as a type of toy that you shouldn’t really use. Brands like EletraStim produce toys that give stimulation through mild electrical currents. Though they may not cause serious harm, they themselves recommend that you choose a different toy until after you have given birth.

Last but not least…

We mention this throughout our site and on many of our blogs because we can’t say it enough, especially in these circumstances. During pregnancy, it is essential that all toys are kept as clean as possible. Rigorous cleaning should be more of a priority than ever. This is to ensure that your bodily hygiene is as good as it can be throughout this precious time.