New Sex Positions You Need To Try

You may need to improve your flexibility, but it'll be worth your time

by Aldan | 6 April 2021

New Sex Positions, they’re essential!

Sex positions! You wouldn’t be on your own if you were to say that you have, kind of, run out of ideas. Sex and sensuality isn’t as easy to keep fresh as people may like to admit. If you are going to get frisky even once a week, after a few months, fresh plans may escape you.

Very few people though would be able to say that they want to do the same one or two positions on repeat. Things would quite simply get boring. As human beings we have sex to not only reproduce, but to feel stimulated. To enjoy the feelings that we can’t get from any other activity.

That’s why it is important to make the absolute most of every opportunity.

In some of our other articles we have spoken about relationships and the benefits of openness between couples and partners. Sitting down and having these conversations, planning new endeavours works wonders for developing strong connection.

Learning about one an other, and ourselves, expands our horizons and promotes open-mindedness to develop your sex life.

Sex Positions You May Not Have Used

Butter Churner

So we started with this relatively difficult position. This may be suitable for the slightly more flexible among us, but can be quite the additions to you armoury.

How? To do this the woman needs to lay on her back and fold her legs over so her feet/ankles are besides her head. This pulls the pelvis upwards, allowing the man or strap-on wearing female to squat from above and penetrate. This position is great for those that explore anal play too. Same move, different stimulation.


The wheelbarrow is something that requires a little bit of upper-body strength from the protagonist. Think of this as an advanced version of the classic doggy-style, which in itself is a great position. It differs from doggy-style as it allows for much deeper and enjoyable penetration.

How? First, engage in doggy by bending the over forward whilst standing. Wrap your legs one by one over around the waist of your partner as you place your hands on the floor in front of you. For support, the dominant standing partner grips your waist.

To make it a little easier, you could use the edge of the bed or a table if you’ve not worked out your arms for a while.


Not a typo. So many know and enjoy the cowgirl position. Its a great way of mixing girl-on-top fun with deep penetration. Mixing up the hip movements for differing stimulation. The cowboy is somewhat of a role-reversal.

How? Lay comfortably on your back with your legs straight but ever so slightly apart. Enough to create a tight gap for penetration. Your partner should then straddle you, one leg on each side before inserting their penis or strap-on into the vagina.

You can control the tightness by squeezing your legs together to increase stimulation for all parties.

Couple in bed together

Pretzel Dip

Don’t let the name fool you. You don’t have to have been a Cirque du Soleil level gymnast to get yourself into the pretzel. If you are into the intimacy of eye contact, this can become a really powerful position.

How? Lie on your side with one leg between your partners. The other leg should be up and wrapped around their waist. This creates a great opportunity for deep penetration and a steamy few minutes. There is no need to bring actually pretzels to the party, but you could?

Snow Angel

This position could be difficult to grasp the first time around but quickly becomes a really naughty section of your encounter. It could also act as a chance to incorporate your favourite sex toys and up the fun more over. Due to the nature of the position, clitoral stimulation or anal play becomes part of the action. Perhaps impossible to ignore.

How? No snow required. Think of missionary, but one of you didn’t read the manual properly. Lay on your back and have your partner lay on top of you in a top and tail fashion.

Then, wrap your legs around their torso, allowing for penetration. They may need a particularly flexible penis due to the angle of penetration, or be a dab hand with a vibrator.

Golden Arch

Nothing to do with your favourite fast food. This face to face position gives both parties the opportunity to connect with eye contact, seeing the pleasure they are giving and receiving. You can adjust the tightness of your grip or lay back to control that g-spot stimulation that you want.

How? Get your partner to sit, facing you with their legs parallel to the floor. Sit opposite them and shuffle in with your legs over their’s, knees bent to allow for penetration. They can leave their legs straight or bend their knees to give a little more power to their thrusts.

Classic Sex Positions You Should Make The Most Of


A true classic. The missionary position is a certainty for any couple, group or orgy.

How? Lay on your back with your legs bent at the knees and spread apart. Your partner lays facing you, between your legs, penetrating you with their penis or strap-on. This is great position that can be personalised with force and speed.

Doggy Style

Generally the second most common sex position the world over. Why? Because it’s simple and very affective.

How? On all fours, have your knees spread slightly so your partner can kneel between your feet. They then penetrate from behind. This is a typically ‘sexy’ position with your partner able to grip your waist for added explosive stimulation.


Perhaps typically considered a form of bedroom cuddling, spooning is an excellent and easy move to enjoy.

How? Both laying on your side with your bodies mimicking the same position, your partner penetrates you from behind. This is another great position if you are in to incorporating toys. The person at the back can reach around and utilise your favourite vibrator, wand or bullet!

Flat Iron

Doggy style with a twist. This position offers a domineering angle to the classic that slightly ups the ante.

How? Lay on your knees with your head and chest on the bed/floor beneath you. Separate your legs slightly so your partner can kneel or squat over you and penetrate from behind. And enjoy!



So, you may not be able to enjoy all of these sex positions in one session. If you can, congratulations. This list should act as a small reference guide for when you are looking to change things up and reignite your sex drive. The fun never ends and we will provide you with more of the same in the weeks to come.