Sex – The Top 7 Most Uncommon Places

Sex | Some Of The Oddest Places To "Get It On"

by Alicia | 11 June 2021

With so many places in the world, it’s pretty unsurprising that most of them have been hot-spots for sex. Although we thought that most would keep it pretty vanilla when it came to switching up places, our readers surprised us, as we found out that in fact we were completely wrong. Sure, with the right person and the right mood you can get whisked away from your conscious and end up doing it in an ‘uncommon’ place – or just weird!

Why Are They Weird?

Everyone’s sex life is different, that’s why we can’t exactly put a handle on ‘weird places’, so we went for uncommon instead. We gathered up readers and fellow SexToySaver members to give us their best top-trump area for where they got it on! (Drive-throughs are just the start…)

feet in a bed after sex

The Top 7 – In Reverse Order

  1. “In the McDonald’s drive-through” 

We’re not saying that we’re judging, but we’d just like to know how this worked without you getting caught! With cars in front, behind and the people working in the drive-thru. You were either crazy lucky and nobody saw you, or you totally love the thrill of people watching! Good job you had refreshments at the end we guess!


  1. “In a portaloo at a festival”

Not the strangest one we’ve heard of, in fact apparently this is more common than you think. Well, if you don’t have a tent where else are you supposed to get it on! Okay, there are places which aren’t as smelly and are probably a lot more hygienic – but when you’re in the mood, is there anything that will stop you?


  1. “At a wedding ceremony”

All we’re saying is that we really hope it wasn’t a relatives wedding… otherwise that’s a bit odd. To be a guest and pop it on during the ceremony is quite an achievement, stealth mode certainly must have been activated as otherwise we have no clue how this worked. Great effort and definitely a low-threshold when it comes to embarrassment. Flaunt it!


  1. “On a kayak in the lake”

This should be more common than it is, sex in a kayak… on a lake. That’s awesome and definitely has to take some serious balancing to stay upright. Impressive to say the least – left us all a little jealous! Taking dogging to another level here.

kayak where someone had sex

  1. “Whilst on the tube”

Not entirely certain on how this worked and not sure we want to know. A crowded, sweaty affair no doubt but hey as we said earlier with the right person and right mood anywhere is sexy, but maybe not the tube in rush hour!


  1. “In a retirement home”

Lost on this one! If you can get it up whilst in a retirement home then a big congratulations! This reminds us a little of an episode from a sitcom, and let’s say it didn’t end too well so we’re hoping your story went down a little better than the one we’re thinking of!

     1. “In a graveyard”

Freaky, but hey if the spook gives you the kink then take it away. We’re just saying that the ghouls and ghosts would scare us and probably most! We have got it as one of the most uncommon places to have sex but as we say, everyone’s sex life is totally different – so graveyard sex could be vanilla to some!

graveyard uncommon place to have sex


Our Top 7 most uncommon places to have sex, there you have it. Vanilla or freaky that’s up to you, but why don’t you see if you can give them a try! You might be pleasantly surprised and find that these could be your new favourite destinations.

Get in touch if you think that you can beat these, we’d love to hear from you and find out your top-trump area!