Morning Sex; Benefits and Excuses

The Benefits To A Morning Rumble

by Alicia | 6 September 2021

Morning sex… it’s pretty tiring!

Monday mornings, Tuesday mornings and in fact every other morning. They’re not the best time of the day and most people would probably agree that they’re actually the worst! That doesn’t have to be that way though… Yep a good old morning bash can sort you right out. 

Did you know that 63.3% of women and 36.8% of men never have morning sex? Well we’re pretty shocked, and it’s definitely time to change that! For all sorts of reasons, sex can be the last thing on our mind on a morning. Whether it’s brushing your teeth, taking the kids to school. Or getting a coffee and toast or maybe just snoozing for an extra couple of minutes.



So.. morning sex?

Let’s take a look at why you most definitely should be having morning sex. Then let’s bust all of your excuses for not!

  1. Your body is raring – First thing in the morning, estrogen and testosterone are at their peak for the day. If you didn’t already know, these are the prime hormones that fuel your libido. So really, your horniness is at its highest in the morning and therefore your body is telling you to go! Ever heard the saying “What’s the story, morning glory?”, that’s exactly what it means!
  2. Not only are your main sex hormones raring, but sex releases all sorts of hormones around the body – all of which are beneficial and none of which are harmful. So, what are these hormones you ask… endorphins firstly. The happy hormone! The increase in endorphins gives you that feel good factor and increases your overall mood for the day. Who doesn’t want to wake up on the right side of bed? Oxytocin – the cuddle chemical, which not only adds to the happiness but helps to strengthen the relationship as you feel love love love! Melatonin is also increased – the other horny chemical. Apart from the sleepy side of melatonin, it also enhances your body’s sensations. This means that your nerve endings and orgasms are fantastic!
  3. Lowers stress – Cortisol is the stress hormone, which is pretty high when you first wake up. Sex helps to increase the other hormones which in turn dampen and lower the cortisol release – meaning you will feel less stressed, even happier and with an added orgasm – winner winner!
  4. Did you know that sex burns 5 calories a minute, so when you’re at it for the average 7 minutes, that’s 35 calories – lucky you if it’s even longer! Who doesn’t love a quick workout, especially when it barely feels like a workout as you’re so enveloped in the sensations!
  5. Natural glow. Yes, okay it can be seen as a telltale sign but don’t you want to wake up with less bags and more dew? A golden glow that can be spotted miles off – no need for makeup or fake morning smiles, you’ve got a glow that’ll last you the day!

women's legs

Okay, so now you’ve heard all of the benefits, we’ve read lots of excuses as to why people don’t have sex. Well here are the exact reasons why you need to stop making things up and get down to it…

Excuses… BUSTED!

“I’ve got no time!” / “I’m too tired!” – Yes okay so mornings usually are pretty hectic – especially if you’re up early and / or have children to look after. Why don’t you try setting the alarm for 10 minutes earlier, or even an hour. It will give you time to slowly come around. Or maybe you could wake up at a normal time and help the environment – by which we mean share the shower! You’re going to need one anyway, so why not save water, time and energy by sharing and getting down to it in the shower! We can’t see any feasible excuse not to.

“I don’t like the morning lighting” – We can understand this one. Not everyone feels their most confident and sexy in the protruding morning light. That doesn’t mean that you can’t just stop there! Close the blinds, or take the action under the sheets and let the softer light highlight your bodies. Turn on a soft lamp or plunge into the darkness and explore by touch only!

“I’m worried about my morning breath!” – Who doesn’t love a bit of morning breath! If you are a little worried about stenching your S.O out though, you could quickly nip and brush your teeth or maybe even keep some mints beside your bed so that you can just quickly pop one in! If you’re not a fan of these, then you could easily opt for some sex that doesn’t include being face to face – such as doggy, spooning, backwards cow girl or maybe settle for a good morning oral. That way, you’ll avoid morning breath and be in their good books for the whole year!

“I’m not in the mood.” – We’re not saying that you have to force yourself, of course not. You know your body and you know when no means no, so under no circumstances should you feel pressured to involve in intercourse if you are quite simply NOT in the mood. However, if you feel you could be but just don’t feel it straight away, then maybe you could start slow. Get some foreplay in the mix, use fingers, tongues and toys to excite yourself and your partner. Start slow! It’s not a race, you need time to get the blood flowing and nerves tingling to make the sex pretty damn good!


As you can see, morning sex is very beneficial – physically and mentally. There’s every reason that you should get down dirty first thing. As we’ve said you should never feel forced or try to force yourself. Consent is key and honesty helps that. You’ll always have many other mornings, so don’t feel like you need to pressure yourself to the point it isn’t even enjoyable.

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