Men and pubic hair – to have or not to have?

by Alicia | 4 August 2021

Bald or Bushy Bits? Pubic Hair:

Shaving VS growing, it’s a pubic hair debate which we’re seeing much more of in the year 2021. With more liberal approaches to our pubic areas, it’s becoming more and more popular in the social world to own the bush!

As much as we are allowing people to style their pubes how they like without prior judgement, it seems that behind the scenes there are still some social standards which people feel they must conform to – or is it just personal preference? Especially when it comes to men…

So, what’s the big deal?

Is grooming pubic hair popular with men?

A study in 2018 found that 80% of women aged 18-65 shave some or all of their pubic hair (according to The NY Times), and we know that that may have changed in the years since, but do men feel the same pressure which we know women do? The simple answer is; Yes.

50.5% of males admit to regular grooming in the USA, and studies conducted by Cosmopolitan found that the main reasons for grooming include aesthetic reasons, hygienic reasons and peer pressure.

razor on white background

So, why do males groom – in detail?

  • Aesthetic grooming: Indeed for many different reasons – and mainly personal preference – men simply like the aesthetics of being trimmed or bald down there! There are some people who believe that less hair creates an optical illusion of a larger penis – we can’t say that there’s any truth in that, however if you see it and want it then go for it! 

Others simply enjoy the look of a well-kept pubic area and groin. Some say it looks (and feels) smooth, helping also to stop friction burns during intercourse. As we highlighted earlier however, personal preference is the way forward, afterall, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 

  • Hygienic grooming: Now this again is personal preference, as some think that not grooming is cleaner and easier than those who do groom. However, the hygienic arguments for the groomers include that the less hair means the less heat and sweat in the area. We all know that sweat isn’t the most hygienic thing in the world. Others prefer to just wash but some prefer to cut it all off and have no hassle. 

People also argue that actually by having less hair, you are making the whole process of cleaning easier.

Again, personal preference – just so long as you are keeping clean then there’s no right or wrong way as to how.

  • Peer pressure: Interestingly it was found that men who shave and trim do it to conform with social standards. With pornography being the main reason – as the men who act on there do so with bald and shiny bodies, not a hair to be seen. The false idea that therefore this is the most attractive way to be has seeded its way into many male minds, which is a really a false economy! 

Another disappointing reason for peer pressure, is that many men say it’s because of what their partner prefers and sometimes even asks / enforces them to do so. In a world where society is becoming more liberal and personal preferences are on a higher platform than social standards, it’s disappointing to hear this! However, if you’re not too fussed, then you do you.

Mans legs dangling

Is grooming dangerous?

No. Grooming isn’t dangerous nor should you opt out if you enjoy doing it. However, you should always be careful with such sensitive areas – as accidents can happen no matter what. Saying this though, it was found that A&E has to deal with lots of grooming accidents. A 2013 study was carried out by the University of California San Diego which found the following causes of grooming incidents:

Pie chart of razor scissor and cuts men grooming

There are positives and negatives to all grooming, however as we mentioned above, you need to be careful. Just seeing the hospital admissions could be enough to make you be careful. However some people don’t realise the risks that come with not being careful! As we all know, the genitals are an area where a lot of bacteria lives, both bad and good. The bacteria is usually harmless, unless you get a cut. A simple nick of the skin can allow for hundreds and thousands of bad bacteria to enter your body and cause harm. 

From cellulitis, fungal infections and even fournier gangrene in worst case scenario. (WARNING, it is not a pretty sight for the eyes, so if you search it up… well, you were warned!).

We’re not trying to put you off, or even diss those who do groom, we just need to make sure that you’re doing things properly.

Are there other alternatives?

There are so many alternatives and different methods of taking care down there. We’ll go through them but remember – IT’S YOUR CHOICE! 


Little – No Pubic Hair:

  • Shaving; Pros = cheap and easy. Cons = easily can cut the skin
  • Waxing / Threading; Pros = less itchy and lasts longer. Cons = painful!
  • Chemical Creams; Pros = clean and smooth finish. Cons = chemicals on the skin
  • Laser Hair Removal; Pros = permanent no hair. Cons = takes a long time and expensive


Some – Lots Of Pubic Hair

  • Trimming; Pros = still have hair. Cons = easily can cut the skin
  • Au Natural; Pros = no hassle. Cons = can be itchy!

As we say, there are so many pros and cons to grooming your pubic area, however not necessary. Personal preference is key, do what you want when you want – but do remember to keep clean, that’s the only thing you have to do.