Ideas For Setting The Mood

Getting ready to get it on...

by Alicia | 28 May 2021

Getting down and dirty, rocking and rolling, steaming it up – you’ve got it, sex. It’s definitely a hobby of ours, if not a necessity… but sometimes it’s nice to make these sessions extra special. We’re not saying that it gets boring or that we sit and think of our to-do list instead of getting on with it, but now and again spicing these sessions up can benefit you and your S.O mentally and physically.

Whether you spice your sex up all the time, or save it for certain dates – that’s up to you. We’re here to provide you with some fun and seductive ideas to enhance those moments! 

Couple in twilight

When we think of ‘setting the mood’, it’s a good idea to embrace all of your senses and give them all a treat. Not to overwhelm them, but to excite them beyond belief…


  • Sight – There’s no better sight than seeing your other half in a sexy outfit… or maybe even nothing at all! We’re talking sexy lingerie, matching sets and even novelty outfits – that’s right. Sexy nurses, trust us. It’s certainly one way to excite them and your confidence will also rocket once you see how excited they are watching you! We’ve got a huge range of sexy lingerie and outfits for everyone.


  • Hearing – Put on a sexy playlist, with songs that you both love and make you feel great. There’s loads of great playlists out there to help the tension grow, on places such as Apple Music, Spotify or even YouTube! There’s endless songs out there for you. Even better, you and your S.O could sit down and create a playlist together, that way you’ll definitely know that you’re both going to enjoy it!


  • Scent – A gift for sure, your nose! Simple but super effective, as a common ‘turn-off’ is bad smells. We’re sure you’re aware of that, as there’s nothing worse than bad breath and B.O! Interestingly, there are lots of connections between scent and sexual arousal!  So light some aromatic candles, or put some incense sticks out. Set them up around the room (please do be careful with lighting and positioning the candles), and your nose will be quivering, as well as your libido! These are such a simple way to heighten the mood and they certainly create that ‘sexy’ feeling.


  • Taste – Oh yes, the taste buds are a really important part of your sexual arousal. We’ve got some easy but effective ways of intensifying your taste, including flavoured lubes! There are some great flavours out there including cherry and strawberry, but be careful that they don’t taste sickly and synthetic. Check out our range of real-tasting flavoured lubes!

Melted red ice lolly

  • Touch – Do we really have to say much more. Touch is possible, if not the most important sense to focus on when setting the mood. There’s so many ways to really ‘sex’ your touch up.. So we’ll give you a few ideas and you can see what works! Firstly, oils and massages are exciting and definitely sensual. Choose from our wide selection of oils, tell your partner to relax, and get to work. Don’t be afraid to get rough but always check that they are comfortable! You can get into all the creases and pay attention to those delicate parts – drive them wild!

Other ways include using accessories, such as feather ticklers, handcuffs and maybe even whips. All the touching sensations will get those juices flowing – that’s why you’re here isn’t it!


These are ideas for the senses only, however as we mentioned, we would definitely recommend trying to pay attention to all 5 of the senses. Not only will this send your significant other into overdrive, it will also boost your sexual appetite! We’ve provided a few other ways to really set the mood ready for the big showdown…


  • Ambiance – This is a definite must if you’re looking to make those moments special. We know that a lot of people take time into setting the perfect scene and creating that ambiance. This can come in forms of choosing the right place. As always, you both should feel comfortable and confident and this can help by being in a place where you know, for instance the bedroom or the kitchen – but spice it up! Dim the lights, fluff the pillows, create the ideal space! As mentioned above, light the candles, put some music on and relax. 



  • Mood – Get yourselves in the mood! We find that confidence is key – so feel yourself and put on a show! There are definitely lots of ways to spark that initial mood. It depends on what activities you both enjoy doing. Some great ones to start with include cooking their favourite meals, watching a movie or even a bubble bath. For those of you that want to get a little more wild, you could try cooking their favourite meal… butt naked! Or perhaps a strip-tease or a special lap dance. The world is your oyster, get into the groove and make yourselves feel great!


  • Treats – Let them know how special they are to you, and treat them a little. Whether that’s with a bottle of something, a bunch of flowers or a brand new sex toy. It doesn’t have to be big, but surprise them with something that they’ll love. They’ll feel special and it shows that you think of them! Happy mood = fantastic sex. Trust us!


These are some of our favourite ways to amplify your sex and set the scene. There really are no boundaries, so feel free to experiment and go rogue. Everyone is different after all, and what turns one person on may be totally different to someone else! Find your groove and work it.

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