Don’t Let COVID-19 Spoil The Fun

by Tobias | 19 March 2021

We’ve got your back.

We know that this is a very difficult time for everyone, and it is impacting people in ways would we have never realised before. We would like to let you know that we are constantly monitoring the way that we work to ensure that this terrible virus isn’t stopping you getting your hands on your favourite toys. We are happy to say that we are still open and functioning as normal, meaning you can still get your orders on next day delivery.

All of us at are doing our best to ensure that your products are getting to you quickly, but also safely and in a clean, worry-free manor. Here are some of the changes in place since the inception of the recent Government regulations:

Contactless Delivery

As you may already be aware, for deliveries that can not be posted or require signing, courier services like the Royal Mail and DPD are opting for a social distancing approach. They are allowing at least a two meter gap and asking for your surname rather than having your sign yourself. This ensures that you are not coming into contact with anybody outside of your household.

Working Conditions at

As have many companies during this time, we have taken precautionary measures to ensure we are inline with Government’s recommendations. This include:

  • Reductions In Staff Numbers
  • Members of Staff Working From Home
  • Social Distancing
  • Staggered Shift Paterns
  • One Dispatch Collection Daily
  • Hand Sanitiser and Disinfectant Usage

Moving Forwards

As always, our aim is to fulfil your orders as quickly and efficiently as possible. We are keeping a keen eye on the ongoing changes and will adhere to them in order to keep everybody safe. We would also like to thank you for shopping with us!


We would like to provide a brief update in regards to our website, products and internal efforts to ensure you can shop freely. Recently our online presence has undergone a complete overhaul. With you, the shopper, in mind, we completely redesigned our website to ensure that you are receiving the best possible shopping experience during your time with us. To match this, our new brand has been rolled out across email, social media, direct mail and more. We will continually look to improve the way in which we provide our customers with the product to enjoy so dearly.

In regards to the coronavirus developments, as the UK begins to relax its restrictions we will continue to work in the same way we have throughout the pandemic. Liaising closely with our partner couriers, we intend to ensure every order reaches its location within the desired timeframe.