Do Toys Really Make Sex Better?

Why individuals, partners and groups love to use adult toys?

by Aldan | 31 March 2021

We don’t want to seem biased by giving a short answer to such a discussed question. The truth is, we know that sex toys absolutely do enhance peoples sex lives. They are often seen as simply women’s play things. The toys we offer are more than suitable for men, couples and groups alike!

You see, toys aren’t simply about making the exact sexual experience better. They actually look to improve relationships as a whole. This article was written to provide you with insight into how toys improve sex. Moreover, how they improve masturbation, relationships and more. And, why you are missing out by swerving the topic every time that it gets brought up.

That being said, society has moulded the adult toys world in such a way that it can be scary to some. Daunting to others. We want to help the curious amongst our readers to understand why sex toys shouldn’t be a secret.

How do sex toys improve sex lives and relationships?

The intimate moments (great sex)

The most obvious change that sex toys can bring to meaningful relationship building is their support during sex. Naturally, people use ‘sex’ toys to enhance foreplay, sex and masturbation. They give individuals, couples and groups the opportunity to try new movements, stimulations and sensations.

It’s no secret that sex lives between human beings can often be, vanilla. toys of all shapes and sizes quite simply add something new to the party.

A sense of adventure and mystery is never regretted. Sex experts say that minor changes to sex routines can make a huge difference to each encounter. Changing where the pillows are on the bed, starting foreplay in the dark or focusing on clitoral stimulation for as long as possible are all ways in which you can spice up the norm.

Helping to communicate more

By saying ‘helping to communicate more’, we don’t just mean between two people within an exclusive couple. This can generally enhance an individuals confidence to talk about the things that they enjoy the most. It can save the need for spending time doing the things that just don’t do it for us, and concentrate on the things that we love.

Having this honesty with yourself and those that you spend time with sexually can improve that way that you communicate in other aspects of your life.

According to research by Bustle “49 percent of couples who use vibrators report communicating often, whether it be about sex or other subjects. In contrast, of those who don’t use vibrators, only 29 percent of couples could report the same level of openness and communication.”. Who doesn’t want to be more comfortable with their friends and partners?


Utilising the full catalogue of positions

Sex toys are simply the gateway to a new sex life. Reports suggest that introducing sex toys to your most important moments leads the development of other aspects of your love making and masturbation. Couples and individuals are more inclined to try new positions, interact in role play and all other kinds of shenanigans.

It may even lead to completely new adventures, like anal play. Only a relatively small proportion of people actively engage in anal stimulation. And we would bet our favourite butt plug that they recommend it to all of their friends. If you do try, be sure to read our guides on how to properly prepare yourself for the first time.

Copious climaxes

One common theme for sex toys users seems to be that their climaxes are better. Not only that, they are longer and happen much more often. For both males and females! The vast array of sex toys works for all parties in improve the stimulation they feel when getting enjoying their orgasms.

All members have the opportunity to take control of their own and their partners climax using cock rings, wands, vibrators and more!