Buying Lingerie For Your Significant Other

Finding The Perfect Lingerie Set...

by Alicia | 4 June 2021

When buying your significant other lingerie, it can be a pretty intimidating task! With so many styles, shapes, colours and sizes it can be hard to find the perfect set, and even overwhelming at times. If you’re not used to buying lingerie, have no clue where to start or just want some extra help, we’ve set out this guide to buying lingerie to help you out. So sit back and soak it all in.

Remember throughout this, you’re wanting your girl to feel great. There’s nothing worse than receiving a gift you’d rather not have, or even worse, put the gift on and feel pretty gross in it! So get it right, it might seem like a minefield but it’s really rather simple when you break it down.

First things first…

  • Measure her up! 

    Unless she knows she’s getting lingerie, we don’t mean straight up asking or measuring! All you have to do is have a good snoop through her underwear drawer – a great excuse really. She’ll be impressed with your ‘knowledge’ of her size (even if you did have to snoop to find it, but we don’t have to mention that, take the glory!). It might seem easy enough to not need to go and snoop, but most of the time women’s tom and bottom half sizes differ massively and so it could be a bummer if you don’t check!

    We would suggest that you write the sizes you see down. This is because there are so many different units for sizing. With bras, there’s usually a 2 digit number followed by a letter for women’s bras (for instance 34D), and then standard sizes (size UK4-22 for instance) and also sizes such as XS, S, M, L , XL, XXL. It’s a minefield, we know! Jot these down and cross reference them with the website or show the assistants in the store – it will make your job a lot easier if you do it this way. You don’t want to end up with the wrong sizing, it could be a big mistake!

Measuring Tape on orange. background



  • What’s her style? 

    There’s a few crucial things you need to remember here. What’s her style? What type of style underwear does she like to wear – thongs or briefs? Animal print or lace? Take all of these things into consideration, as you can opt for something safe with a style that she typically wears, or you can take a gamble and go for something a little different. Her comfort should be in the forefront of her mind whilst you shop.

    You want to make her feel sexy but confident, comfortable but hot! You shouldn’t make any purchases without considering this, but remember to also put your preferences in the hat – it is a two-way street. You want to see her in something which you’ll find just as sexy! If you think there’s any chance that she’ll hate it, leave it. You should have a pretty good idea of the things she likes, however if this a first-time kind of thing and you really are clueless, then take a look through her current underwear and see what kind of thing she’s into. Not all women love stockings and suspenders, they may opt more for a babydoll or even a corset. We’ve got a huge range of lingerie for you to shop through and find the perfect gift!


  • Present it nicely! 

    You’ve got this far, thought about the underwear and bought it – so don’t just hand it over in a plastic carrier bag or on it’s own. It will be a really nice touch if you go all the way with it! Buy a special box or bag, with tissue paper and ribbons – you know what will work! You could even lay it out on the bed with some candles and petals, be creative! Our big no-no for you all however, is staying well clear of “public presentation”. Don’t get us wrong, we love a public proposal or gift exchange… however with lingerie, it’s a little more sensitive. Not everyone will be thrilled to open some sexy stockings and suspenders in Asda, it’s not the right vibe!

    Hand it over after a day at work or spice it up on a weekend. The choice is yours, but making it special will definitely get you in those good books. There might even be a surprise for you in return.


Lingerie Gift Box


  • Set the scene 

    You’ve bought this to be the best partner. You’re thinking of her and you want her to feel special… but that’s not the only reason, come on! You want to see her looking super sexy there’s no doubt. A sexy outfit can only mean a sexy night, it’s true. Studies have suggested that lingerie really is a sex booster and so you’re both in for a treat! Like we mentioned before, a supermarket really isn’t the hottest of places to undo that lingerie and get your rumble on, so try some intimate moments at home. You want a great reaction, right? Well get creative, prepare the bed, make her favourite dinner or maybe put on a show. For more hints check out our page on ideas for setting the scene!


Whether you’re buying for a special occasion or just as a nice gesture, your S.O will appreciate it no end. It’s a great surprise and a lovely treat for your girl, she’ll be thrilled. 

Of course, as we’ve said you should always buy lingerie with her at the forefront of your mind, as this can definitely cause issues…!