Anal Douching – what is it and how to?

An expert guide to anal douching.

by Alicia | 13 September 2021

Everything Enema! Anal Douching:

Anal douching is the act of intensely cleaning out the anus cavity. The idea of being compeltely clean – inside and out – is appealing to many, and lots of people engage in anal douching for reasons such as being completely clean and for sexual reasons – as this helps any accidental mishaps and leakages (especially during anal sex). Anal douching is a completely normal activitiy and so many people do it, howeve rit does have to be noted that there are risks with it as it is such an invasive procedure into such a sensitive area. The last thing you would want to do is damage the anus lining or other interiors. 

For these exact reasons, special tools help to avoid any damage. These include douches and enemas – they are designed to smoothly aid the cleaning procedure without causing harm and although they are safe, accidents can still happen and so it is best to follow the guidelines and perform this properly and safely!

Pre Warnings:

  • Don’t use soaps / additives / salts: Adding anything except for water can be harmful to the inner anus lining as it is such a sensitive area. It is best to avoid these and stick with plain clean water. The last thing you want to do is irritate any skin – especially the interior cavity.
  • Don’t perform if you have any health problems: If you have any health or heart problems it is probably best to steer clear from douching. In the end, it is better to be safe than sorry and avoid causing any further harm!
  • You should always relieve your bowels first: Before you begin any interior cleaning, make sure that you have been to the toilet and relieved yourself first. It can get messy and very damaging if you don’t. The contents in there need to come out naturally beforehand! They’re in there to simply come out – not to be mixed and pushed back inside!
  • If you endure any pain or discomfort whilst using the enema / douche, you should stop immediately. The side effects of damaging any interior could be significant – you wouldn’t want to end up in A&E!
  • Whilst douching you should not be forcing out liquid. Forcing and pushing too hard can have damaging aftermaths, including tears, rips and even hemorrhoids!
  • You should ALWAYS clean your douche / enema before and after. With the anus being the home of many bacteria, it is really important that you use antibacterial toy cleaner to thoroughly clean and wash before any use. Never use it again before cleaning!

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Anal douching – the steps:

  • Clean – before you start, it is crucial that you clean both the douche and yourself. (Yes, that means head to the loo and empty your bowels before you begin). When it comes to cleaning the enema, it is very important to make sure that you have cleaned every part of it. Wipe the nozzle with a wet cloth and the outside of the pump. Suck some water up with the nozzle and shake the enema around to ensure that any dust or dirt particles are washed out when releasing the water. 
  • Temperature Test –  Once you have washed out the enema, before you start the procedure you should test the temperature of the water you will be using. This is because the inside of the anus is so sensitive, any water can affect the lining negatively – if it’s too hot or too cold your body can go into shock and that’s not an overly pleasant experience for anyone! Check that the temperature is a body temperature of 37*. After you have tested the temperature, fill a bowl of water up and squeeze the enema whilst in the water. Let go and let the douche fill with water.
  • Lube Up, Ease In – That’s right! We’d strongly advise that you lube the tip of the douche so that you can insert it into the bum easier. It helps massively – just think, you wouldn’t do anal without lube would you! It’s best to make sure that you are feeling relaxed to avoid any injury. See below for our most rated positions for you to get into to help with relaxation and a comfortable insertion!
  • Insertion – Slowly insert the tip of the enema into the rectum – past the sphincter. Once you are comfortable with the positioning of yourself and the douche, then squeeze water into the bum – to a point where you are comfortable. Remember do not do more than you are happy with. The process isn’t supposed to be the most relaxing and comfortable thing ever, but of course there’s a personal limit! Once you have inserted liquid, walk around and rub your tummy. You need to make sure that the liquid is freely moving around to clean out everything! 
  • Removal – Hold the water in until you feel the need to expel it, and once you do simply just go to the toilet and push! Let it all come out until you are content. 
  • Repeat! – Repeat the process until you are happy with how ‘empty’ and ‘clean’ you are. Keep repeating and you’ll know when you’re done!

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Now you’re ready to go! We have plenty of safe enemas for you to choose from paired up with expert advice. We can’t stress enough that you need to read up and learn about how to use an enema. That is before you use one! You can never have too much advice, and especially with douching as it can be a dangerous and injury-prone activity.

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