The A-Z Of Sex Toys

by Alicia | 27 April 2021

The A-Z Of Sex toys. Sex toys are undoubtably one of the best inventions to have blessed our planet. They’ve been around now for hundreds and thousands of years, and each year their popularity rises. With involvement in masturbation, kinks and just general sex life – there’s no doubt, they’re brilliant for pleasure and sexual health!


Lots of pink nd purple sex toys


However, with popularity there comes more models, designs and options – to a point where you may feel overwhelmed by the vast range of choice whilst sex toy shopping! Or, we’ve piqued your interest with sex toys, but you’re not sure what will work for you.

Don’t worry. We’ve put together a cohesive list of the A-Z of adult toys, so that you can have a read through and discover which ones tickle your pickle and stimulate those erogenous zones!


SO, let’s get into it:

  • Anal Probe – First on our list of a-z sex toys, is the anal probe. This is a gadget for use inside the anal cavity. When used correctly it is able to stimulate the ‘G-Spot’ (found 2 inches inside of the anus) and attain sexual gratification. Can be used solo for masturbation or even for added excitement in sex with partners!


  • Butt Plug – The butt plug can be used by anyone, and is mainly used to stretch and train the anus over time, however the plugs are also used sexually for penetration as they stimulate the nerve endings inside the anus. You will find that many come in sets with different sizes to help train the anus.


Butt Plug


  • Cock ring – A great male sex toy, the cock ring is a constrictive – tight device that is placed at the base of the penis to increase the blood pressure and harden the erection (and is also beneficial for longer stints of arousal!). With many variations from added clitoris stimulations to vibrations for the penis, the cock ring is a sex essential!


  • Dildo – A rod style toy that stimulates the shape and action of a penis. Used for penetrative oral, vaginal and anal use. They are made from many materials, colours and sizes. One of the most versatile penetration tools out there, which will change your sex life drastically. An amazing sex toy!

 Pink 6 Inch Suction Cup Dildo

Pink dildo

  • Electro-Stimulation – These are toys which simply use electricity to stimulate nerve endings in the genitals and other erogenous zones – which aid sexual stimulation and gratification. Electro-stimulation is a big part of the BDSM culture.

Do make sure that before and when using electro-stimulation that you have read all instructions and only purchase from trustworthy stores! Electric sex toys can be dangerous, however also really fun! They’re some really great sex toys.


  • Fleshlight – One of the best selling male masturbation tools, coming in just above the penis pump. These are a flashlight style carcass, with a hard outer shell and soft vaginal-like material on the inside with an entrance for the penis. The penis enters and the masturbator will give you the sensation of the real deal. With gripping, tight technology the fleshlight is an all time favourite!


“Go Surge Fleshlight Masturbator”! 

  • Glass Toys – Quite simply, these are glass toys (usually dildos and anal beads), which are becoming incredibly popular. Aesthetically pleasing and with a special glass texture which can boost sexual stimulation.


  • Handcuffs – These are sex toys / tools which restrian a person – usually for the other persons gratification. The restraint toys are a big BDSM kink! Handcuffs can be a fun extra for penetrative sex, oral sex. Handcuff your partner whilst you send them wild with sexual pleasure.


  • Inflatable Dolls – Along with other mimic toys like available that can give you all of the pleasure of the real thing in the palm of your hand. Real smile makers, the love dolls are a one way ticket to your sexual fantasy, and are ready to go whenever, wherever with whoever!


  • Jelly Vibrators – Compared to silicone vibrators, these are made of a softer, ‘jelly’-like material which is more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing! These spot vibrators can really focus on enhancing your sex and increasing sensitivity – thus making orgasms even more pleasurable!


  • Kegel Balls – These are two weighted balls, which can help to strengthen muscles or intensify sexual pleasure. Although they are usually put into the vagina, they can be put into any orifices. Maybe not the most obvious sex toys, however definitely a recommended new discovery.

kegel balls

  • Love Eggs – Similar to Kegel Balls, love eggs come in all different sizes and colours. Many love eggs come with a remote control / phone app and are vibrating – great for couples play! For a bit of fun, give your partner some love eggs to wear whilst you go out into public. At random moments turn them on and watch your partner squirm with excitement – but unable to do anything about it!


  • Magic Wand – The magic wand is an essential for all sex-lovers – and masturbation! WIth a rounded head and long handle for grip, the wand vibrates and massages the clitoris and vaginal area, stimulating the nerve endings and resulting in amazing orgasms.

It therefore comes as no surprise that it’s a bestseller. Great for masturbation to reach and stimulate all parts of the genitals!


pink wand

  • Nipple Clamps – These are a pressure-device that are attached to the nipples to create pain / pleasure – some people love this and some even need their nipples stimulated for sexual pleasure – for other people it’s not for them. Take a browse through our nipple clamps and see what you think! Remember, they could result in injury due to the nature of them however they are a great source of pleasure, hence why they’re so popular!


  • Ovo – One of our all time favourite brands. OVO is a company which manufacturers high quality sex toys with a clinical approach. They ensure that their toys are number 1 in pleasure and sexual satisfaction.

With multiple toys on offer, including the OVO rabbit or kegel balls, we cou;dn’t recommend them enough. They even feature in our top 10 rabbit vibrators!


  • Prostate Massager – These are similar to anal probes, however usually the prostate massagers are able to reach further up to the prostate gland. Here, many find a sensory heaven. One which can stimulate lots of nerve endings! Great for anal lovers, however beginners should maybe start with alternatives such as the anal probes or butt plugs before, so that it doesn’t come as too much of a surprise! With prostate massagers, lubrication is essential to ensure a smooth insertion!


purple wiggly dildo


  • Rabbits – A double-ended style dildo/vibrator. The rabbit provides the vagina with an insertable end for penetration and a smaller “rabbit” look-alike part for clitoral stimulation. The two parts together work to increase orgasms and maximise sexual stimulation.

Many of our rabbits also come with powerful vibration, meaning that when inserted into the vagina the rabbit provides immense sexual sensation.


  • Strap-On – Strap-ons are an attachable harness with a dildo that attaches on the end. The strap-on itself is similar to underwear, as they slide on over the genitals and thighs. The person uses the device to mimic a penis and pelvis through penetrating another’s anus or vagina. It’s incredibly popular with the female homosexual community, as you can give and also receive!


  • Tape – Bondage tape is a great way to tie-up, tie-down and restrain your partner. The person should use the tape with caution as although it’s great fun there is chance for pain and discomfort. Furthermore, the self-adhesive bondage tape means that you can cut it exactly to length and discarded after use – saving yourself from germs when re-using! A fun and exciting alternative to handcuffs.

BDSM uses tape along with other toys and essentials such as a sex swing, paddles, whips and masks!



  • Urethral Sound – These are specially designed tools which are inserted into the urethra of the penis. Other toys and tools can be used also (such as screwdrivers, toothbrushes etc), however the Urethral sound was made as a purposeful toy and is therefore the safest to use! Be careful with the urethral sounds to ensure that you are not causing any internal or external damage!


  • Vibrator – A handheld device which simulates a phallic object. People use the vibrator mainly for female pleasure. They are hand-held and most have different levels of stimulation to enjoy and help to reach the Big O!

The vibrator is a great way of stimulating the clitoris and also penetration, and is therefore no surprise it is a best seller amongst women. Especially when they hugely increase orgasm rate! Popular models include the bullet vibrators, rabbit and remote controlled!


  • Whip – This sex tool is a great addition for spanking. Rather than using the hand alone, the spanker uses a whip. These have a handle and a small piece of leather (usually) to whip the person – usually on the bum! Whipping has become increasingly popular, especially with social culture – such as Fifty Shades Of Grey. Don’t miss out and explore your desires with our huge range of whips!



  • X-rated movies – Yes okay… it’s not really ‘a sex toy’. However porn has proven as a great way of stimulating yourself and your partner! With a surge of increase in popularity over the past few years, especially over lockdown, pornography is a really great way to get your libido going! Have a browse through and see what gets you going – but do remember, pornography is films with actors and actresses. What you see is not real life and not normal sex.


  • Yes – Although you may be wondering how the word yes is a sex toy, we’ve discovered that the key to amazing sex is simply the word yes. Consensual sex is crucial, no matter what. Making sure the answer is yes for sex, is the key to unlocking the trust, care and passion that can fuel amazing sex. Consent is necessary!


  • Zapper – Last on our A-Z of sex toys we have the Zapper. This is a toy which encourages voltage / electric stimulation of the vaginal nerves. The electric items enter inside the vagina. They’re a big part of the BDSM culture as many people enjoy them. But as with all, it’s not for everyone!


And there you have it. Our A-Z list of sex toys. Of course we haven’t listed all sex-toy types in the list, as there are just too many to choose from, however from the availabilities these are our favourite. So why don’t you introduce yourself to some new toys, or add to your collection? Whether you’re an amateur in the sex-toy department, or a full-time professional, there are toys in this list that are perfect for you.

Head over to our website to browse through the latest deals on all of our toys. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed!


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