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About Us

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Hey! We're SexToySaver...

So, why are we here? We know that there's a lot of people out there that want to delve into the sex toy world, but don't have the guts. It shouldn't be this way. We come with the message that there is nothing wrong with looking for new and exciting ways to fuel your pleasure needs.

We are bringing you some of your favourite brands, and toys that you are completely new to you in order to show you the ins and outs of all this adult. 

We understand that as much as we will strive to fight for freedom of fun and pleasure for women and men alike, there is still a grey cloud around the industry. That's why we ensure that our super quick delivery is completely discreet, so for the time being, your shopping experience with us can go undetected by nosey neighbours. 

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We want to be as open as ever...

We are working hard to bring you all of the best products, at prices that are unbeatable, mning that you aren't overpaying for pleasure. Being open and approachable, we are changing the way that people look at this market and convincing people everyday that the old taboo is now lifted! And you can shop to your heart's content.

Follow us on our social media channels to keep up to date with our latest offers, discount, missions and movements. We want you to be involved even if you aren't currently shopping with us. Help us change to way people talk about sex toys.

What can you buy...

We are proud to say that we offer the widest possible range of sex toys in the UK. So whether you're an expert in the field, or totally new to this there's sure to be some brands in and amongst our huge website that you recognise. 

If there is a product that you love but you can't seem to find on our website, let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and we will work hard to see if we can stock exactly what you, and our other shoppers desire. Our helpful customer service team are more than happy to help you with any of your queries and with no questions to silly in this game, feel free to ask what ever you like!