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We are proud to be one the UK's largest sex shops. Sure to cater for any of your needs, wants or the discreet sex toys fetish you have. For women looking for a new adventure, we have a plethora of products from bunny vibrators and remote control dildos to anal stimulation toys like anal beads and butt plugs. The fun definitely doesn't stop there. As the market for male sex toys grows ever larger in demand, we supply the tools they need too. With products in our fleshlight and realistic masturbators ranges being just the start, there's a whole world of new and exciting products to explore.

Couples can shop together and find something perfect for their future endeavours in our
bedroom essentials and lingerie sections. For those looking for something a little more personal, we supply a selection of both male and female sex dolls alike. With realistic hair and features, you will get all your need to create your fantasies. We have a great range of guides that can help you look after your sex toy essentials once you have utilised our incredible offers. Benefit from discount sex toys and get free discreet delivery for orders over £30!
For experienced sex toy users or people that consider themselves a little more adventurous we have a designated selection that fills all BDSM and fetish needs. The vast amount of the best sex toys, accessories and lingerie that we offer come from an amazing selection of brands including
Lelo, Jimmy Jane, Vibratex and OVO to name just a few...


Where to buy sex toys?

As we may have mentioned, we offer one of the biggest selection of adult toys in the UK. All while making sure our customers don’t have to over pay for pleasure. That being said, the fact that we offer cheap sex toys doesn’t take anything away from the quality of the products that we have available.

Launching in early 2019 we have already embarked on a journey to change the way that people shop for sex life enhancements. We are removing the stigma surrounding sex toys and offering affordable erotic essentials that you just can’t say no too.

What are sex toys?

Sex toys in simple terms are enhancements to your solo or partnered ‘bedroom activities’. Coming in a plethora of shapes and sizes, and catering for a variety of pleasurable needs they help you engage more during foreplay, oral sex and intercourse, reach better orgasms or even increase your sexual endurance.

Hundreds of studies have been undertaken to learn more about how using adult toys and having a more adventurous take on bedroom activities can impact a relationship. These have shown that taboos surrounding the subject of sex toys and sexual enhancements are slowly falling apart as individuals become more open to improving their sexual happiness. It has also been found that couples that use bedroom toys together, or fuel each other's fetishes during their intimate moments often communicate more honestly and are able to open up about other emotions and feelings. This puts some truth to the phrase 'couples that play together, stay together'...

Are adult toys just for women?

Absolutely not. We are proud to offer a category for almost any need or want. Male products are growing ever more popular by the day and rightly so, this kind of pleasure should not be reserved for our female shoppers. Our huge selection of brands create the ultimate cheap sex toy bundles perfect for couples or during solo play.

It has been found that using male-orientated sex toys solo can help you to improve your performance during foreplay and penetrative sex with your partner, and who doesn't want that? The hardest thing about using male sex toys is dropping the stigma that surrounds the subject. Once you have completed this step, we guarantee you'll thank us and never look back!

Why do people use sex toys?

People often shy away from the idea of buying adult toys online because of the stereotypes that surround them. The truth is, more people than you think use a variety of enhancements. There is no single reason that people use toys and this is proved by the growth that the industry continues to see. Not only for solo play, it can bring new element to your sex life with a partner, help improve your sexual stamina or even improve your sexual health!

You won't be the only one looking to buy cheap sex toys today!

Do you offer discreet shipping?

We aim to make sex toys an open topic, but we know that you may want to keep the details of your latest online shopping blow out to yourself. That’s why we offer discreet delivery of all of our body safe toys. If you spend enough, you may even qualify for free UK shipping.

Where can I find your new offers?

We work hard to offer shoppers big brand toys at prices as good as half price. Across our online sex shop we offer discounts ranging from 5% to 50% off!

Student discount will be offered on all products very soon. So if you are starting your new course, moving into new digs or generally looking to destress and relax, keep an eye out for our student only discounts and offers.

Can I open an account?

We'd love you too. When you have an account, you are able to seamlessly fly through the checkout the next time you buy a product. You can add your favourite rampant rabbit or mini bullet vibrator to your wishlist and compare prices when new deals are released. Hitting the g-spot in no time at all. 

As a member of our amazing community, you will have account holder only access to exclusive stock, sales and clearance items. If you would like to be involved in member-only schemes to get up to half price off your order when you buy cheap sex toys then make sure you sign up now...

Can I leave a positive review?

Definitely. We love to hear your comments and feedback. Whether it is regarding the price, quality or how your toy looks, we want to hear it all. We are always looking to improve and deliver a better customer experience and we need your feedback to do that!

Do you have a sex toy guide?

If you're new to this industry and you would like to learn more about what you are purchasing, we are always adding guides and advice to our blog. Be it regarding how to clean your toys, what are the best vibrators, mastering clitoral stimulation and more!

What else do I need to know?

Your sexual needs are our command. We are here to provide the latest sex aids and adult toys that deliver the height of pleasure that everyone seeks. As one of the most popular adult sex toy stores in the UK, we work tirelessly to bring sex toys for couples and solo play discreetly to your fingertips.

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